Membership Information

Membership Information

Industrial Participation

The CPaSS I/UCRC provides the collaborative advantages of a research consortium, and through a precompetitive projects platform generates industry-relevant new knowledge and technology.
Annual Membership Fee: $50,000 for Large Companies, $15,000 for Affiliate Membership (only for a single year and is available to potential members with significantly reduced benefits)
By becoming an IAB Member in CPaSS, companies will enjoy the following benefits through project outcomes and interactions with Center faculty, staff and students:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reducing Cost
  • Reducing Risk
  • Recruiting Well Trained Graduates
  • Solving Company-Specific Problems
  • Technical Training and Continuing Education

Member Companies have Preferred Access to Extensive Capabilities and Facilities…

Facilities available to Members include Analytical/Materials Laboratories for particulate systems research: Analytical Chemistry, Surface Analysis, Chemistry Lab, Particle Analysis, Optics Lab, Electron Microscopy Lab, Cell Culture/Spectroscopy (Major Analytical & Particle Analysis Instrumentation Centers) and access to industrial test-bed area designed for pilot scale operations.  A newly added instrument is the Porometer 3Gz for measuring pore size distribution of through pores or gas permeability for solids.  Visit for additional information.

… at the University Sites

The Center also has both the required technical expertise and facilities in the areas of surfactants and polymers, their synthesis, characterization and application. These laboratories are well-equipped with an AFM (with electrochemical set up), QCM, SPR, FTIR spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, micro-calorimeter, surface area analyzer, SEM EDX, ICP spectrophotometer, UV/visible spectrometer, instrumented flotation machines, particle size analyzer, Du Nuoy, Wilhelmy and spinning drop tensiometers, HPLC/GPC, ESR, Brookfield Viscometer, Brookhaven PSC, analytical balances, analytical ultra-centrifuge, dynamic laser scattering equipment and zeta meters.