University of Florida Projects

  1. Encapsulated Functional Nanoparticles: Their Properties and Applications – Bahar Basim
  2. Inhibition of Scale Formation Using Antiscalant Additives – Juan Tanquero
  3. Nanoparticle Design for Removal of Organic and Inorganic Residues from Surfaces – Jiaqi Dong
  4. Fiber Alignment in Confined Shearing Flows – Scott Strednak
  5. Microbial Adhesion and Removal from Bio-Surfaces – Vasanth Balasubramanian

Columbia University Projects

  1. The Effect of Particle Size and Shape on Transport Through Confined Channels in Three-Phase Froths – Tarun Bhambhani
  2. Rheology of Non-Newtonian Liquid Mixtures and the Role of Molecular Chain Length – Sean Parlia
  3. Surface Stimulation to Enhance Metabolic Reaction & Increase Biogas Yield in Anaerobic Digesters – Louis Viana
  4. Toward Milder Personal Care Cleansing Products: Fast ex vivo Screening of Irritating Effects of Surfactants on Skin using Raman Microscopy – Irina Chernyshova
  5. Protein-Based Oil-in-Water Emulsions – Partha Patra