• Ph.D: University of Cairo, Science College, Geology Dept. 1994.
  • M.S.: University of Cairo, Science College, Geology Dept. 1987.
  • B.S. University of Cairo, Science College, Geology Dept. 1978.
  • Major Courses and Skills: Characterization of Minerals and Rocks; Morphology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Clay Minerals Characterization and Modification for Industrial Applications, Utilization of Minerals and Rocks as soil Conditioners, Preparation and Characterization of Organo-Clays and Polymers Clays Nano-Composite.
  • Analytical Techniques: XRD, XRF, DTA,TG, DTG, FTIR, OM, SEM, TEM, Ion – Chromatography, Linear Swelling Meter.

Technical Interests

  • Evolution of Bentonite as Drilling Fluid for Petroleum, Civil Engineering and bentonite Companies
  • Characterization of core Samples for Drilling Companies e.g. Corex for Petroleum Services
  • Characterization of asbestos Dust over Cairo
  • Synthesis of Organo-Clay and Polymer-Clay nanocomposites
  • Synthesis of Zeolite from Metakaolin for Industrial Application
  • Fibrization of Rocks to substituted Hazard Asbestos
  • Inhibition of Shale Formation Swelling using Nano-Oxides

Experience – Research / Industrial

  • Field Evaluation of Quarries for Ceramic, Bentonite, Companies.
  • Field Evaluation of Quarries in Different Arabic Countries e.g. Syria, Sudan
  • Characterization and healing of Salinity, Sodicty , Sandy and Depleted Soils to Increases Crops productivity using Silicate based Rocks

Extra-curriculum: Leadership, Teaching, outreach etc.

  • Training courses for Geologists, Chemists, Metallurgical Engineers from Different African Countries, North American, Arab Countries in Evaluation and Characterization processes, Applied Mineralogy, Evaluation of Bentonite as Drilling Fluid.