Administrative Structure

The day-to-day operation of the joint IUCRC will be overseen by the directors (Prof. Brij M. Moudgil at the University of Florida and Prof. P. Somasundaran at Columbia University). Both of the directors are experts in particulate and surfactant systems related science and engineering, and they have worked together on several productive collaborations over the last decades. Each Director will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the center and monitoring the expenditure of funds and at their respective institutions. The directors will be assisted by the secretarial and accounting staff located at their respective institutions. The Directors will hold monthly teleconferences to plan and promote multidisciplinary interactions and ensure timely response to any major issues that may arise.

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB): To establish a strong link and promote active collaboration between the CPaSS researchers and industry, an IAB has been established at the two I/UCRC sites. The two IABs are designed to provide guidance to ensure the industrial relevance of the Center research. IAB members will also facilitate timely transfer of technology and knowledge transfer across the academic and industrial sectors. Each IAB member company will have an equal voice in the decision making process.

To facilitate interactions with the IAB members, meetings will be held twice each year, one at each of the IUCRC sites. These meetings will include presentations on each current project followed by extensive discussions among the senior investigators, the students, and the IAB members regarding the direction and relevance of the project. The dual-site nature of this IUCRC will enhance multidisciplinary research as well as links with companies across the nation. Additionally, these meetings will facilitate the IAB and the directors to make funding decisions and make mid-course changes to the research agenda of the Center, if necessary.